Ravi Somani


The coins or notes are the pieces of metal embellished with the design and available with a prescribed weight under the directions of any authority. Since the past, these have been used as the medium of the commercial transactions as well as the medium of transaction. Therefore, these have become an essential part of our life. Till the relatively recent times, both the coins and the notes work as the neutral element of value that is now termed as money. But both in India and outside India, the coins mainly signify small denomination and the notes signify the bigger parts. In a few cases, cowries were used in the past to supplement the coins and these are mainly used by the poor for financial transaction. The coin collection also known as th e Numismatics is a great hobby for a number of people as well as this is also a passion. Though this hobby doesn’t have any utility strings attached to it, but still coin collecting is very popular. In some cases, the hobby can easily be developed to the serious nature by engaging both loads of energy and time together. People, who have the habit of old coin collection or notes collection purchase these from the dealers and from other relevant sources.