Ravi Somani


Ravi Somani has hobby of collecting Indian Bank notes, Coins, Stamps and Autographs. Ravi Somani is a serious collector and considers his Hobby as an Alternate Investment also. He has been interviewed by TV Channels and News Paper for his hobby. To know more about Ravi Somani Hobbies please visit www.coins-of-india.com Ravi Somani only collections Indian Notes and Coins from year 1835 onwards as from that time only British India started Uniform Coinage, earlier each State was having its own currency. This Hobby of Ravi Somani surely teaches the many good things and facts about Indian History like a Currency Note of 2 and Half Rupee. One side Printed Notes called Uniface Bank Notes. The more you learn about this hobby of Ravi Somani more you will start enjoying the same.